Trade Shows are the ideal medium to promote your business to a huge number of people in the one place at the same time. We present all the reasons why.

As we wrote about in our previous blog Why Trade Shows Are Important in Your Marketing Mix, a recent survey presented the most effective ratings for marketing strategies as follows: 

  • 75% In person events
  • 66% Webinars & Webcasts
  • 66% Case Studies
  • 63% Whitepapers
  • 62% Videos
  • 60% eNewsletters
  • 59% Blogs

While the digital world is all brand new and wonderful, nothing is as meaningful as a genuine connection – something which being behind a keyboard can never quite capture. Trade Shows offer the opportunity for face to face contact with clients, prospects and competitors en mass. And the feeling that comes with these kinds of events is certainly hard to compare: that rush of pure adrenalin as people, business and transactions happen all under the one roof.

Sales. Sales. Sales.
A Trade Show by definition of its name is an exhibition where businesses promote their brand, products and services. Shows are there to discover, learn and shop for great show deals and offers – and people are there to take advantage of them. These are the premium spots to showcase your newest products and move your excess inventory to a captive audience.  

Face To Face Connections
While face to face interactions benefit your clients and your prospects, they also teach you and your staff more about your business and your product. Most importantly, face to face opportunities offer the best circumstances to close deals.

Bring Your Product To Life
The chance to bring your product and brand to life from the showroom floor with demonstrations is a powerful way to expand. The Trade Show floor are the footsteps to the front door for your business.

Instant Response
As efficient as digital is for online responses through your website, social media and emails, trialling new products and drawing in instant feedback is far more beneficial. The instant response at a Trade Show allows for a greater understanding of customers and their needs, with the opportunity to be more understanding of your target audience.

Network, Network, Network
Being visible and getting noticed is just as important to your network and industry as it is with your clientele. It builds your reputation as a thought leader in the industry while expanding your contacts to build more opportunities and explore new distribution and manufacturing relationships.

Size Up The Competition
Staying competitive means keeping close to your competition, and Trade Shows allow you to observe what is being sold and how it’s being promoted and marketed.  

The exposure works two-fold:
Showcasing at a Trade Show is a status symbol – it strengthens your presence in the industry as an industry resource to confirm you’re a serious player in the game while reassuring the confidence of your current customer database.
Yes it’s the chance to reach an engaged audience, but some Trade Shows are so enormous, the exhibitor’s guide serves as an industry directory and resource – for a minimum of the next 12 months until the next show, and for years to come.

Blue Can Do help companies drive their marketing as Trade Shows Specialists. We have success stories of companies we’ve worked with grow from ideas into successful businesses and market leaders. We know your business will benefit from exhibiting at trade shows and events. Contact us to get Trade Show ready.