A booth at trade shows, conferences and exhibitions are ideal for developing leads, connecting with the industry and promoting your brand – when done right. We’ve got all the tips to creating an effective booth for your trade show.

PREPARE Exhibiting can be costly and a clever thoughtful strategy will guarantee an excellent return on investment. Success to getting trade show ready all starts with planning. What you do before and after the trade show is often more important than the event itself. Start preparation at least three months in advance of the event – at the least so you can take advantage of early bird discounts.

Set the stage for a great trade show experience by setting goals

  • Who do you need to meet with?
  • How many leads do you need to collect?
  • Is this an opportunity to launch a new product?
  • Do you want to be noticed by a new segment in the market?
  • Are you trying to understand your position in the marketplace?
  • How many visitors do you want to visit your booth?
  • How many other exhibitors will you meet?
  • How many sales should result from exhibiting?
  • Who will do what at the booth?
  • Are there any meetings that can be set up?
  • How will you measure the results?

Create a promotional plan

  • Look at forming a strategy of scheduled social media posts promoting the date of the tradeshow and your booth number.
  • Craft exclusive and personalised invitations to top and middle tier clients.
  • Schedule a newsletter to the rest of your database.

Roster and train staff goals

  • Get your staff scheduled in with dates and times to be trade show ready with goals –  training may also be required so everyone knows what is expected onsite.
  • Create a script with a checklist of points to make it easy for everyone to follow onsite.


Exhibiting acts as the doorstep to your business, whether you are online or bricks and mortar: a great display will make you stand out. 

The ideal checklist for your display will include
* Visuals
* Company Name & Logo
* Headline
* Description
* Website, Contact Details & Social Media

Keep your booth simple, unique and concise in utilising space and presenting your brand. While these rules are easy to follow, they can be often left behind in the heavy duty task of getting trade show ready.

  • Approach your display as you would with a billboard on a highway: get your brand message across within five seconds or less using up to six strong keywords.
  • Think of your booth not just as a structure, but as a story – create one so your display explains how your brand and product adds value to a customer’s lifestyle.
  • Maximise your space with strong colours, strategic use of lighting and a distinctive and sleek design that focuses on your products and people. Excellent design leverages where the eye will linger. Create a flow in your brand experience where your visuals, lighting and message interactive with each other so your customers will engage with the story you’re presenting. And don’t forget, you not only have the rights to the floor but also to the space above it so think in terms of three dimensions.
  • Have a focus and theme for your display by selecting what products you want to present. This can include new branding items, products that are fall into your highest margin and profit, high inventory, are unique or seasonally relevant.
  • Present live demos and show videos with sound that isn’t too obtrusive. Your booth needs to invite people in so keep it clear of clutter.
  • Plan how to connect with event guests and other exhibitors.

Making Sales
Once you’ve mapped out your booth’s appearance and how it will visually and interactively attract with people, keep in mind it does need to be designed for sales. Though sales are the end goal, no one likes being directly pitched to. Instead, a stronger relationship and lasting impression will be formed by creating a brand experience

  • Aim to offer information of value.
  • Be proactive by collecting leads in multiple ways that always end up with gathering names and email addresses. This can include a dedicated sign up area or business card fishbowlrunning a competition with a significant prize or offering useful branded giveaways such as USB Sticks, notebooks, bottle openers and drink holders, in addition to the standard pens and stress balls
  • Reward quality leads with a campaign that adds value post-show, such as personally emailing links to digital collateral or downloading an ebook. 
  • For the rest of your newly acquired database, schedule an enewsletter campaign within 48 working hours of the show and offer an incentive to join your email list

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